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IIBA Toronto Live Study Group

  • 17 Oct 2013
  • 6:00 PM
  • 10 Nov 2013
  • 8:00 PM
  • 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 1200, Toronto, ON
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The IIBA Toronto chapter in partnership with the IIBA Waterloo-Wellington chapter has arranged for the Fall 2013 Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) study group series commencing in October, 2013.


The IIBA Toronto chapter BABOK® study group will assist you in preparing for the CBAP® and CCBA® certification exams, share and apply best practices among study group members, recognize the role of a business analyst in each of the BABOK® knowledge areas, and share among the study group members how to apply these knowledge areas to current practices.

The study group is for both those wanting to improve their business analysis skills and for those wanting to complete the CBAP® and CCBA® certification process.


  • The live study group will run 11 weeks starting in Thursday, October 17, 2013. The live study group will be facilitated by Michelina DiNunno.
  • October 17, 24
  • Wednesday, October 30th due to Halloween Day falling on Thursday, October 31st
  • November 07, 14, 21, 28
  • December 05, 12
  • Plus two dates yet to be determined
  • Plus one elective Study Group recap session


The study groups apply towards IIBA Professional Development (PD) credits that are required when submitting an application for certification. You will receive one credit per one hour of study group participation. The PD credits are valid for four years from date of attendance.


Please let us know whether you want to participate in the study group to improve your current practices or whether you are preparing for the CBAP® or CCBA® exam.


The study group is co-sponsored by the IIBA Toronto and IIBA Waterloo chapters. The sessions will have facilitators. The participants will be part of teams, who will each week be assigned material to read, understand and write up in their own words. This information will also be prepared in a PowerPoint document that the team members will present to the study group during the online session. Before the first session you will be told of your team and who are its members and together you will prepare for the first session.


While all participants are preparing for an IIBA certification, the spectrum of the study group participants range

  • from those wanting to learn the full spectrum of what a business analyst is and does,
  • to those who have been successful in the application process and are waiting to write the certification exam,
  • to those still working towards satisfying the requirements so they may submit their CBAP or CCBA application.

What is required of everyone is full participation, reviewing the material before each session, contributing and leading.

Benefits of a study group are:

  • 1.      A procrastination solution
  • 2.      Likelihood that you will learn faster
  • 3.      Gain new perspectives through your fellow study group members
  • 4.      Learn new study skills
  • 5.      Develop leadership skills
  • 6.      A study group breaks the monotony that threatens completion.
  • 7.      Fill in learning gaps by comparing knowledge and notes with others.


There will also be IIBA certification application workshops periodically as resources permit. As well, several people have offered themselves to be mentors to those wanting to complete their application for submission to the IIBA.


The study group recommends the use of study guides to aid in your learning of the IIBA BABOK material and concepts. The two study guides recommended are the Watermark Learning CBAP Certification Study Guide 2nd Edition http://www.watermarklearning.com/products/cbap-study-guide.php and the B2T Training IIBA CBAP Prep Study Guide v2.0. http://www.b2ttraining.com/products/iiba-cbap-prep-study-guide-v2-0/. We will poll to see the interest in these two study guides and attempt to secure discounts from the both companies. Let us know if either or both books interest you.


Chapter 1 of the IIBA BABOK v.2.0 is the introduction

Chapters 2 to 7 of the IIBA BABOK v.2.0 cover the 6 knowledge areas and 32 tasks in the areas

Chapter 8 of the IIBA BABOK v.2.0 covers the underlying competencies

Chapter 9 of the IIBA BABOK v.2.0 covers the 34 techniques found in the body of knowledge

Benefits of a study group are:

  • A procrastination solution
  • Likelihood that you will learn faster
  • Gain new perspectives through your fellow study group members
  • Learn new study skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • A study group breaks the monotony that threatens completion
  • Fill in learning gaps by comparing knowledge and notes with others.


Benefits of a Study Group

A study group can be beneficial in many ways. Here are the most important benefits:

1.      A support group can "pick you up" when you find that your motivation to study is slipping. The other group members can be a source of encouragement.

2.      You may be reluctant to ask a question in class. You will find it easier to do so in a small study group.

3.      You may become more committed to study because the group members are depending on your presentation and participation. You will not want to let them down.

4.      Group members will listen and discuss information and concepts during the study sessions. These activities add a strong auditory dimension to your learning experience.

5.      One or more group members are likely to understand something you do not. They may bring up ideas you never considered.

6.      You can learn valuable new study habits from the other group members.

7.      You can compare your class notes with those of the other group members to clarify your notes and fill in any gaps.

8.      Teaching/explaining information and concepts to the other group members will help you reinforce your mastery of the information and concepts.

9.      Let's face it - studying can sometimes be boring. Interacting with the other group members can make studying enjoyable.

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