Information Security Workshop

1 Day  |  January 27

IIBA Toronto Presents

Information Security Risk Analysis

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This workshop provides participants with the theory and fundamentals of information security risk management, and cost / benefit analysis of implementing security controls.

The workshop consists of a formal presentation supplemented by a case study that will allow the participants to conduct a risk analysis using the Harmonized Threat Risk Assessment process as well as conducting a cost benefit analysis of implementing a security control.



By taking the workshop, the articipate will:

  • Understand when a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) should be conducted within the lifecycle of an Information Technology (IT) service and how TRAs fits into an information security risk management life cycle

  • Understand how to prioritize information security control requirements based on risk level.

  • Experience conducting a TRA, so that one obtains an understanding of some of the challenges of conducting a TRA.

  • Understand how to apply the concept of cost / benefit analysis towards determining the economic value of an information security control

  • Experience conducting a cost benefit analysis on an information security control, so that one obtains an understanding of some of the challenges of doing so

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Speaker Series


February 21, 2018 6:30 PM

Ken Fulmer will be presenting some new thinking from IIBA about the evolving skills and competencies that are emerging on the global market.  More of the traditional roles and professional boundaries are getting blurred, and companies are looking for more the “right mix” of skills, than they are for a generalist.  This is driven by new demands for market response timing, and by significant changes in technology, and new competitors disrupting markets.  

Ken will discuss some of the key skills in Agile, and Digital that sit on top of the traditional knowledge areas, tasks, and techniques of business analysis.  The conclusion is that things are rapidly changing, but that the demand for business analysts is surging, but with new skill requirements. 

This research based effort is a collaboration of IIBA, and many of our corporate partners and thought leaders from around the world.  The thinking is still taking shape, but will drive IIBA as it seeks to stay current and relevant to the market.  Hear how IIBA sees the future of the profession and how it interacts with other professions.

Mackenzie Investments
180 Simcoe Street  
Toronto  ON
University & Queen

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Mentorship & Coaching Program

November 9 to March 15

Connect and collaborate to build your competencies and your community.  In your lifetime you should be both a mentor and a mentee. In your lifetime you should both coach others and be coached. Several times in fact. The quality of your career and the realization of your aspirations will likely depend on it. 

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mentorship and coaching

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What's Next

Next Upcoming Event

24 Feb 2018 9:00 AM • 146 Kendal Avenue, Toronto, ON - George Brown College Casa Loma Campus
21 Mar 2018 6:30 PM • 180 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ON








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Most would agree Formula One Racing requirements go beyond all other racing categories. The IIBA BABOK 3 can deliver those requirements to allow safely meeting pushing technology’s edge.

Get the edge with this study group.

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9 Weeks
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IIBA Toronto Presents Winter 2018 Hybrid Study Group

Learn business analysis with the IIBA BABOK v3.0

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Speaker Series

Small Meetups

6-Nov-2017  This week we have two small meetups happening. Both are open to those studying for their IIBA Certification exams. This applies to the ECBA, CCBA and CBAP exams.

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7-Nov-2017  We have two projects underway which has enough volunteers. Two more will be announced shortly.

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